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Isabella de Gailande female blue bicolour Ragdoll born June 7th 2013

Photo of the month - Isabella de Gailande - 8 months old (Photo : copyright Ian Faulkner).


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The Ragdoll Club France.................. 2013 Twenty years on!


Due to lack of time and resources the English side of our site has been somewhat neglected for some time. Updates are now underway although not yet completed. Please check back from time to time to enjoy the new content and improvements.


The Ragdoll Club France was founded by Noëlle Vialatte in 1993. The club has accompanied the development and the promotion of the Ragdoll cat for the last twenty years. Noelle, (Gailande cattery) was also the first to import Ragdolls to France in 1983. Since then the Ragdoll continues to seduce cat lovers from all over the world and points in the 8th position in numbers of purebred cats born in France with 1253 births in 2012!


Please take some time to visit our site, we are sure you'll find plenty of original and useful information about Ragdoll cats and really wonderful photos.

The Ragdoll Club France has always promoted above all Ragdolls of  'traditional' colours. (Seal and Blue)


The History section tells you all about the origins of the Ragdoll in California and the first Ragdolls in France.


The Ragdoll section will give you an insight of the characteristics of this wonderful feline.


In the Kittens section you will find photos and a form with which you can reserve the Ragdoll of your dreams.


The Photo Gallery contains beautiful photos including all the classic colours and patterns.


The TICA Standard is illustrated with easy to understand diagrams to help you to choose a perfect Ragdoll.








Contact : Ragdoll Club France - 1 Chemin Larrondoa - 64210 Arbonne France. Téléphone (33) 05 59 41 99 04

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