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The "New" Ragdoll colours:

By new colours we mean the colours that have been recognised only relatively recently. These colours were introduced in the Ragdoll breed by outcrosses to other breeds such as: Persian, Maine Coon, and cats for which the pedigrees cannot be traced back to the origins of the breed. "New colours" have been recognised and accepted by the LOOF only since 2004, and this despite the reluctance of breeders of traditional colours.

In the Ragdoll standard can read 'authorised marriages Ragdoll x Ragdoll', but we have in our possession many pedigrees in which with other breeds can be found in the ancestry.

The Ragdoll Club France is aware of certain French breeders who either by dismal ignorance or at the worst by flagrant dishonesty, buy cats with dubious origins then breed and sell kittens! There are even "books" sold in which the writer boasts of the qualities of these "rare colours" by citing the name of cats such as Villaroyal Sweet Sunshine, in fact this cat, found in some Ragdoll pedigrees is nothing other that a Persian cream point!


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