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The History of the Ragdoll in France since its introduction in 1986.

Barfield et Blossom - 1st Ragdolls en France

Barfield et Blossom first Ragdolls in France

The "Belle France" succumbed to the magic of the Ragdoll when in 1986 Noëlle Vialatte imported the first couple to Biarritz. Patriarca Ragabarfield, a blue colourpoint male, and Patricia Rag Blossom, a Seal bicolour female, were to become the foundations of the French lines and produced their first litter of four kittens in January 1988 under the Cattery name chosen by Noëlle, "Gailande".
Enchanted by the beauty of the breed, Noelle and her husband Ian, established extensive contacts with England and soon their family of Ragdolls was enriched by the arrival of Petil-lu Zak, a Seal bicolour male and two females: Patriarca Rag Daisymae, a seal colourpoint and Pandapaws Carema, an exceptional Seal bicolor.

Patriarca Rag Daisymae seal colourpoint Ragdoll Petil-lu Zak mâle bicolore Seal Ragdoll

Patriarca Rag Daisymae and Petil-lu Zak

Eager to present her superb felines, Noëlle entered Barfield and Blossom in their first show, but she was brought down to earth with a bump when the international judges raised their eyebrows on setting eyes on Ragdolls that they had never seen or judged before. Early critics denounced them as being "mediocre Balinese", "lacking type", "head too short", "profile not pronounced enough" ... "body not long enough", as for the legs, "they should be more slender"! Sometimes Noelle and Ian had the impression that they were banging their heads against a brick wall. Steadfast in their desire to see the Ragdoll finally recognised, they refused to be demotivated by these initial setbacks, and continued to present their Ragdolls in international shows. Eventually it was bicolour which created the greatest sensation. Judges appreciated their characteristic robes, and in January 1987 Patriarca Rag Blossom won in one of the biggest shows in France "Best in Show" at Paris Austerlitz.

Pandapaws Carema seal bicolour Ragdoll

Finally the Ragdolls were recognised by the independent clubs and this mass of work and effort finally produced its fruits. When Pandapaws Carema debuted she blew a storm of enthusiasm around the shows and won a large number of awards, to finally clinch the title of Grand European Champion.

Pandapaws Carema

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